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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Go on!

The past is behind you for a reason...


OK, so it looks like whatever was broken with my blog is now fixed. I'm back to my old self, or rather, my old site. It feels good to be home.

I could go and 'backblog' now to fill in the missing days, but I'll just move forward, taking those topics with me into the future. Let's just let the past lie in yesterdays and see what tomorrow brings.

The past several days have been nice and relaxing... slower paced. Not as productive as I like, but that's due to some old habits of mine. I grew up on urgency, so I just kind of thrive in that environment. Now's not the time to create that sort of thing.

Had a very good meeting today. It was a brainstorming session that had toys strewn around the room for people to play with. The person running the meeting really understands play and creativity. It was refreshing.

I even got the chance to draw the view outside the window (I'll have to get it to a scanner so I can show it to you).

Creativity Rocks!

The key is to get our mind in a place free from logic... to get outside of the office, and outside of ourselves. That's often why we get our best ideas in the shower or while sitting in traffic... cause our mind doesn't have much else to do.

On a recent walk around my neighborhood, the pieces to my system started to fall into place. I had been trying too hard to put too much into too little a space. Just by simplifying my mind, I started to see how simple the pieces need to be.

It's like I'm "moving in" to the right space. The boxes aren't unpacked yet, but at least they're being put into the right rooms. I redid the calendar pages once again... and will be seeing how it goes.

Creativity is like the breaking open of a shell. It's dramatic, almost violent... but it's a bursting forth of possibilities. Once that shell is gone, who knows what mighty things will grow.

Time will tell.


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